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You’re probably familiar with the milky and pastel colored type of Jade Facial Roller. These rollers are sadly just basic stone. Because a REAL jade roller is deep green, and clear! To boost circulation, smooth fine lines, flush waste and puffiness you can’t just roll with anything, you must roll with REAL gemstones that transfer their energy. So, we ONLY use pure Dongling Jade from Brazil.

Real Jade Facial Roller, this amazing massager has been utilized for thousands of years in Japan, Brazil and China, they are also known for their cooling properties in revitalizing essential energies and maintaining body fluid. Use of the Jade stone rollers helps to improve circulation by stimulating the meridian points.

The Friday Feels Roller

Use it in the morning or at night after your cleansing routine. Simply roll the jade roller over your face and neck for a minute to two. You can use it with your favorite serum. The Jade Roller may be placed in the refrigerator or the freezer to increase toning effects. The Jade Roller includes a large rolling stone for larger areas of the face like forehead or cheeks, and a smaller rolling stone for small areas of the face such as nose or eyes. 



Simply put, the roller is the tool for putting the shine back on your skin. The roller's smooth surface does an excellent job at reducing wrinkles, toning skin and managing dark spots.

The rolling action promotes blood circulation and therefore collagen production, to give you that dewy glow complexion.

The Friday Feels Rose Quartz Roller

Simply pop the roller in the fridge each night and feel the coolness when you start your morning face roll.

Benefits of the Jade Roller:

  • Improves blood circulation and skin tone
  • Improves elasticity of the skin
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
  • Reduces dark under eye circles
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Tightens and reduces pore size 

Benefits of the Gua Sha Tool:

  • Firms up sagging facial muscles
  • Smoothens facial skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improves dark circles and bags under the eyes (those caused by advancing age)
  • Lightens age spots and other skin discolorations
  • Your complexion becomes rosier and more radiant
  • Helps clear up acne, rosacea, and other facial skin conditions


Real Jade Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set



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Grey Goodies


11 Reviews

  • Posted by Hailey on 2020 Apr 9th


    A must for women self care routine

    The feel and quality of this roller is wonderful. No squeaking noises when rolling either the large or smaller end of the roller (as I had experienced with a previous purchase I had made from another seller), and the stone itself rolls very smoothly on the skin. I initially made this purchase after finding out from a friend whose father is a plastic surgeon that if more women used these rollers on a regular basis, he would not have 50% of his business. After using for about 1.5months, I’m thoroughly impressed. Wrinkles are a lot less noticeable, complexion looks great; my husband asked me what I started putting on my face because the change is remarkable for sure.

  • Posted by Beck on 2020 Apr 4th


    Beautiful Jade Roller

    I was excited to add this jade roller to my skin care routine. It feels good on your skin and is easy to use. Refrigerate the roller for an even better experience. Comes with a black velvet bag for storage. The Gua Sha is beautiful and also feels amazing on the skin

  • Posted by Palmer on 2020 Apr 4th


    Best Jade Roller

    I love my new Jade Roller! Everyones talking about how these are the best tools for your face and I have to agree! It feels cool on my face and I have been using it daily! This is combination with my new skin regime, are going to erase the signs of aging! well I hope so anyway! Great deal and I can't wait to see visible results! I love the packaging too! Will make a great gift for my moms birthday

  • Posted by Ensley on 2020 Apr 3rd


    Perfect Find

    I recently purchased this Jade Roller and I am so pleased with it. A few months ago I was in the market for any kind of roller and had a tough time between this one; natural jade stone and the derma roller with micro needles... Well, I went with the micro needle derma roller originally and really liked it until the needles actually punctured my skin and after rolling my face for about 10 minutes. Post rolling I washed my face and my face cleanser went into the holes created by the micro needles! I had a really bad reaction for about a week - went to the doctor - was put on steroids / a fungi cream. Not fun! I didn't want to give up on facial rollers all together because I've read that most results are really good! So I gave it another shot, purchased this Jade Roller and I am so happy with it. Its sturdy, light weight, and cannot damage your face/neck. For the cost of this, you cannot go wrong!

  • Posted by Rachel on 2020 Apr 2nd


    Great For Under Eye Bags

    This is a great beauty tool. My bathroom stay cool so my roller stays nice and cool as well. Its great for mornings when your eyes are puffy and tired. I add some eye serum and use the roller to smooth it in. It helps make your eyes look less tired and puffy. You can put it in the fridge if you prefer it to be colder. Super affordable and well made.

  • Posted by Nachi on 2020 Apr 1st


    Reduces eye swelling

    have seen lots of people using jade stone rollers in the past few months. I tried it myself and I noticed it helps reduce swelling in my eye area. It could be the jade, the rolling motion over the area or simply the fact the jade stone is cold when I use it, but it has reduced swelling in my eye area. I have not noticed another changes in my skin but the only issue I really have is eye swelling. I give it 5 stars because is gentle and effective.

  • Posted by Kelly on 2020 Mar 11th


    Face Feels Refreshed

    This is a nice addition to my facial routine. The stone is naturally cool, so the cooling helps reduce swelling as you massage your face and release built up retained water from your face. I find that my face looks less puffy in the morning when I use this tool. The tool itself it pretty and it comes in a nice box for gifting. I have a few friends that I want to gift a jade roller this year

  • Posted by Olivia on 2020 Mar 10th


    Soothing Jade Roller

    This jade roller is great, it comes with a nice little box and a special soft pouch to keep the roller in to protect from damage. I am currently using the jade roller because I have heard of very positive benefits after using for some time. The action itself is very soothing, the jade is very smooth and feels really nice rolling across your skin, its lovely.

  • Posted by Sianna on 2020 Mar 9th


    Really Works

    This product is great! The first day I used it I could see a difference. My fine lines were definitely less noticeable, and the roller itself is so pretty.